Areas of expertise

Specialised translators always working into their mother tongue

Our experienced translators work exclusively into their mother tongue (English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Chinese and more) and master the specialised domain of the documents entrusted to them. You can therefore rest assured that your texts will be perfectly suited to the linguistic and cultural environments of your targeted public.

Languages translated

French – English – German – Dutch (the Netherlands and Belgium) – Italian – Spanish – Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil)
– Polish – Hungarian – Czech – Slovak – Romanian – Slovenian – Croatian – Serbian – Bulgarian – Greek – Russian – Ukrainian – Estonian    Lithuanian – Latvian – Danish – Norwegian – Swedish – Finnish – Arabic – Turkish – Hebrew – Simplified/Traditional Chinese – Japanese  – Vietnamese – Korean

Documents translated

terreTranslation of technical documents

Instruction leaflets and manuals, reports, plans, studies, brochures, catalogues, etc. for specialists in the furniture, mechanical, electricity, PPE, textile, food, paint, goods handling and other industries.

Translation of legal documents

Contracts, articles of association, legal decisions, writs, notifications, correspondence, etc. for companies, lawyers, administrations, bailiffs, etc.

Translation of commercial documents

Commercial correspondence, brochures, catalogues, websites, presentations, etc. for communications and web agencies, companies, mail order, mass marketing, import/export, etc.).

Translation of tourism documents

Brochures, exhibitions, websites, restaurant menus, brochures, etc. for hotels, campsites, communications agencies, tourist offices, etc.

Other translations

Fashion, knitting, crochet, luxury accessories, adwords, optimisation of online texts, videos, etc.

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